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The latest Jukebox Club Project

Now available!

Need something to play those 45's on, try one of our repaired jukes, satisfaction guaranteed.

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Jojo and The Vic ~ So Happy Together!!

Each juke is loaded with a special array of music that not only compliments the style of each juke but also any music listening experience. Along with the Jukes, Check out our extensive collection of 45's both new and used. Expand your musical horizons with new 45's of which the likes you've never seen, to really put that personal touch on your jukebox.  We can also deliver the Jukebox straight to your home. Or you can simply rent one for a day, just ask a sales associate for more information.

As we are working hard at restocking our inventory, we now have a waiting list.  If you would like to be notified of new inventory, or to submit a request for a specific project, you can fill out a note below, or stop at our front counter.

These lucky Jukeboxes are now located in their new forever homes!  Thank you for choosing 4A Song!


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For More Info Click HERE