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March Mathis

Johnny Mathis ~ at 82 years of age, Johnny Mathis has been an active artist since 1956.

73 releases have made the Billboard Charts

73 Studio Ablums

3 Live Ablums

26 Compilation Albums

3 Video Albums

100 Singles

Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for 3 separate recordings

In 1998 for the 1957 release of "Chances Are"

In 2002 for the 1959 release  of "Misty" 

In 2008 for the 1957 relase of "It's Not For Me To Say"

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62nd Anniversary of Debut Album Going On Now

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Johnny Mathis on the Long Road to Gay Rights: 'People Are Stubborn; There's a Waiting Period Until They Catch Up' ~ Dec 2016 Billboard Article Link

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